“The State of Our Union Is … Dumber”

Or just more conversational??

The state of the union address has – with few exceptions – been delivered to Congress annually since George Washington’s first address in 1790. Using the Flesch-Kincaid readability test, a US Department of Defense standard, the Guardian has analyzed all addresses to date to determine the number of years of education required to understand each speech The state of our union is …

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One thought on ““The State of Our Union Is … Dumber”

  1. Am I crazy, or is there a periodic cycle of about 20 years within the macro trend downward? You can “see” it most clearly if you hover over the chart and scrub back and forth — seems like there are local minima around 2010, 1990, 1970, 1950 etc. But maybe I’m just seeing patterns in noise?

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