Visualizing Gas Prices by State, Income and Time

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Gas prices risen for the eighth straight day, part of a trend that’s driven the cost up 17% this year, according to AAA data reported by CNN Money:

The national average price for a gallon of gasoline rose for the eighth straight day on Saturday to $3.835. That is now only about 7% below the record high of $4.11 from July 2008.

CNN mapped the gas prices data by state: 

CNN also created a map illustrating the percentage of residents’ income spent on gas by state. Mississippi residents spend almost 12 percent of their income on gas, for example:  

This line chart uses Bureau of Labor Statistics data (not adjusted for inflation) to show the trend over my lifetime:


In the Suburbs, I…

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… should be buying gas, according to this map of D.C.-area gas prices. The lowest, in Maryland, are about $3.70 per gallon of regular gas. (The D.C. average is more than $4, but some stations are at or above $5).Larger symbols on this map, made with ArcGIS, represent higher prices: 

Here’s an interactive version: 

Source: | Map shapefiles | Data

Mapping World Gas Prices

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Inspired by FlowingData’s post, I mapped world gas prices by gallon in U.S. dollars. Gas is most expensive Turkey ($9.69) and The Netherlands ($9.01), where my mother in law lives and drives. It’s least expensive in Venezuela (9 cents) and Saudi Arabia (61 cents), two oil-rich states that surely subsidize the cost for locals. 

(View larger interactive version)

Source: Wikipedia | Date: CSV | Made with Google Fusion Tables