Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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I love Google’s public data explorer, which has lots of records from around the world and powerful visualization and mapping tools.

Here’s a map of greenhouse gas emissions:

Here’s a map of greenhouse gas emissions per capita:

Double-click to zoom in and see the differences. Notice that Wyoming fights above its weight in terms of the amount of emissions vs. its population. Per-capita analysis often is needed when analyzing data. Otherwise, you just get a population map.

Searching for Salsa

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Who doesn’t like salsa, right? It’s America’s number-one condiment, at least in the mind of George Costanza. But not all states like it the same, apparently, according to Google, which ranks places by their search terms.

This map shows the volume of Google searches for the word “salsa” in the food and drink category, which filters out searches for, say, “salsa dancing”. South Dakotans and Vermonters searched for the condiment in relative terms more than other states, especially those in the South. (Darker shades represent more search volume): 

Source: Insights for Search | Data: CSV | Shapefile: ZIP