Champions League Winners by Club, Country Since 1955

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I’ve been excited lately about the later stages of the UEFA Champions League, which pits the best football clubs in Europe against one another in a tournament-style competition that lasts intermittently for several months. We’re inching close to the semi-finals and the final, which comes in late May. 

Today I used Many Eyes to visualize the winners since 1955 (back when it was called the European Cup). This treemap shows the final winners (and those who lost finals) by club and country. 

The first view categorizes the winners by country. Spain has more wins, followed by Italy and England (click the image for the interactive version):

This view shows the winners by club: ¡¡Hala Madrid!!

Change the interactive version views by reordering the treemap hierarchy at the top, or by changing the drop-down menus at the bottom.

Source: Wikipedia | Data

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