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I’m a reporter and data journalist based in Los Angeles. The Daily Viz, launched in 2011, is my digital sketchpad — a place for creating and curating charts, maps, graphs and other data stories.

These days I’m covering L.A. County for the Los Angeles Times, after two years as a special correspondent with the paper in Seoul.

I previously worked as an economics correspondent for The Wall Street Journal. Before the Journal, I was data editor at NPR, working with reporters and editors on investigative and interactive projects. I was also the first data applications editor at the The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit news organization in Austin, Texas.

I’ve also covered government, politics and law enforcement at both The Dallas Morning News and the Houston Chronicle.

Check out my portfolio and resume, send me a note or follow me on Twitter @stiles. You can reach on mobile at +82 010-9177-8742 or using by Kakao Talk (ID: mattstiles). Also, I’m slowly adding data I use to this repo.

Read my recent stories.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Matt,

    My name is Farbod Esnaashari and I’m the Marketing Manager for a Korean Entertainment site called On Demand Korea. We’re MBC’s official partner to live stream the South Korean election.

    I was wondering if you were writing an article on “How to watch the South Korean election”. If so, would there be a way to include us in the article?

    Similar to something like this: http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/2016-election-day/how-watch-follow-nbc-news-election-day-coverage-n679436

    Best Regards,
    Farbod Esnaashari
    Marketing Manager

  2. Hi Matt,

    I am a software engineer trying to get more into data visualization and I really love your visualizations. I’m curious if you could share with at least brief overview (even just a list of your JavaScript stack that gets used to create your visualizations). Maybe I’m alone in this but I’ve been having a harder time with data visualization than most other fields of software development and I’m wondering if you’re open to share any insights about your work.

    Much appreciated,
    Marcus Grant
    Software Engineer

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