Gallup: Cain Up. Perry Down.

By Matt Stiles | | Topics: Uncategorized

I’m a bit shocked by this latest polling detail from Gallup about the GOP presidential field: 

The upward trend continues in Republicans’ ratings of presidential candidate Herman Cain, as does the downward trend in their ratings of Rick Perry. Cain’s Positive Intensity Score has increased to 34 among Republicans familiar with him, while Perry’s has dropped to 7 in Gallup’s latest update. Cain’s score is the best any candidate has registered during the campaign this year.

This chart shows how that score — the percentage of survey respondents with strongly favorable opinions of the candidates minus those with strongly negative opinions — has changed over time. Perry has dropped dramatically among Republicans who recognize him since Gallup began tracking him in July:

Meanwhile, Cain has steadily increased his name recognition among the GOP surveyed by Gallup: 

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