Charting First-Round NFL Draft Picks

By Matt Stiles | | Topics: Sports

More than 1,600 players have been selected in the first round of the NFL draft since 1936, according to league statistics. These charts break down the choices made by NFL teams by school, position and position type.

First, by school:

And by position type:

And, finally, by position:

Data source: | Scraping script

Thanks, Chris Amico, for scraping help.

UPDATE: Here’s a new chart with position types grouped:

9 thoughts on “Charting First-Round NFL Draft Picks

  1. Ugh, since I’m a former copy editor, I can say that the world won’t end if “break down” is used as one word. I like the info, Matt. Go Horns!

  2. This is the problem with publishing data related to a field in which you have little knowledge. I understand that some of these positions are relics from earlier eras of the NFL, such as the Wingback. Other positions, however, need to be consolidated for all intents and purposes. Running backs, halfbacks, and tailbacks should all count as one position. The same with tackles and offensive tackles. Were the defensive backs corners or safeties (free or strong)? The same with linebackers; are they outside, inside, or even middle? Fullbacks and blocking backs should be lumped together, as well as guards and offensive guards. Anyone with intermediate football knowledge will quickly see the flaws in this infographic. Good attempt, but needs more clean up.

    1. Bobby, I’ve played football and know it well. I appreciate your comment, but there’s no need to be an ass. Thanks.

    1. Al Davis. Figures, right? Sebastian Janikikowski from Florida State went to the Raiders in the first round.

  3. Bobby was pointing out valid redundancies, and suggested fixes. He also summed it up without calling names.

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