Is Mom More Important Than Dad?

By Matt Stiles | | Topics: Demographics

Perhaps mom is more important online, at least according to Google’s Insights for Search. This chart shows search volume in the United States over the years for the words “mother” and “father,” suggesting that more people online want information about mothers:

Here’s a similar chart for “mother’s day” and “father’s day”. Same trend, though dad did OK last year:

3 thoughts on “Is Mom More Important Than Dad?

  1. Just left a comment on your other post explaining why I think Valentine’s Day is such a common birthday–because it’s 9 months after Mother’s Day. Parents may be more likely to have sex because a) Mom is in a good mood after her special day and more likely to have sex with Dad b) the day has made them more amenable to having more kids, so they actually try to conceive that night. Not exactly mind blowing, but interesting!
    However, there’s not a similar staggering correlation with Father’s Day/March birthdays. If my assumptions about Mother’s Day/Valentine’s Day are true, then you could make inferences about differing power and sexual dynamics between heterosexual couples (who are parents) in relation to those holidays. The obvious implication being that the man is being “rewarded” with sex by his partner after treating her well on Mother’s Day, but this doesn’t work the same way for Father’s Day. Or, Mother’s Day is more important than Father’s Day in the United States (possibly supported by your above data on Google Searches). As a more important occasion, Mother’s Day would have stronger sentiment attached to it and would be more likely to lead to a rise in sexual activity than Father’s Day would.
    I realize it’s a bit of a loose tie-in, but your question “Is Mom More Important Than Dad?” got me thinking about a link between the two!

  2. Before jumping to conclusions about parental importance, consider that these numbers not only reflect people searching for data on mothers and fathers (their own or generally) but also how to BE a mother or father. For a minute, set aside the likelihood that more women are out there looking for childrearing tips than men are, although it is probably true.
    That number also almost certainly includes people looking for information about pregnancy, birth, and the like. That’s a whole category of life where you’d be searching primarily for “mother” while fathers are very little involved.
    In summary, I’m not sure if these graphs tell us much in the end.

  3. Why are we even having this forum? Common sense will tell you that the mom is more important. First of all she is the one who conceives and then carries the baby around in her swollen belly,with all the rules and precautions of pregnancy. She is the one who is walking around all uncomfortable and cannot do the regular things that her spoled man does for the 9 months.

    In addition, through giving birth, she is endangering her life. Poor thing, then she goes through all the agony, pain, violation, humiliation, and embarasing exams. On top of that, there are these crazy mother in laws, entitled father in laws, and the women’s wierd inappropriate fathers, who actually think they should watch her give birth. Ludicrous!! They are making the woman even more uncomfortable by coming into her private body space while her intimate body parts exposed. Then you have these non medical men standing aroung while the woman tries to breastfeed and the wives of all these men know better and should make their men go into the waiting room.

    Now, on top of all that, the poor young woman has to put up with relatives wanting to stay over or visit, because she is not strong enough to stand up to them and say no, go to a motel. Along with that the poor young woman’s husband won’t even support her.

    And you all have the audasity to ask who is the most important parent!! Well if you haven’t gotten it by now, you probably never will get it. Or you must be on brain freeze! :

    Now ask that question again!!

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