Charting DC 311 Calls

By Matt Stiles | | Topics: Uncategorized

The D.C. government fielded nearly 430,000 service requests via 311 last year, according to records available in the city’s open data directory.

Residents asked to have potholes filled, snow and ice removed and defective parking meters repaired, among more than 100 other request categories

These simple charts, made with Google’s image chart tools, show when and where residents made those requests:

Calls By Weekday

Calls By Month

Calls By Month

* Ward 2’s figures are inflated by more than 100,000 requests to repair or disable parking meters. This could be because these neighborhoods have the highest population density in town, or because there’s heavy construction that requires meters to be turned off temporarily, or some other factor. 

Calls By Hour

Each requested is geocoded with latitude and longitude, so look for some maps soon…