Best of ‘The Daily Viz’

By Matt Stiles | | Topics: Uncategorized

I started this little blog 10 months ago as a place to post my experiments with data visualization. Some posts have flopped, but a few caught fire. Here are the top eight, ordered by popularity: 

1. Mapping Where GOP Candidates Raise Their Campaign Donations

2. Mapping London Riots, ‘Deprivation’

3. Rick Perry and Jobs

4. Analyzing Two Rick Perry Speeches: 1998 vs. 2011

5. D.C. Crime By Political Wards

6. Mapping 2011 Earthquakes

7. Shaq’s Career Stats

8. Another View of ONA

As always, I welcome feedback and suggestions for future visualizations. To the (still small but growing group of) readers out there, thank you for the interest.