Charting Marriage, Education

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Lately I’ve been experimenting with bubble charts in R based on Nathan Yau’s great tutorial. In this case, I wanted to see the relationship between higher education and marriage among women by state. 

Some states — such as Idaho, Utah and Wyoming — have both high marriage rates and low higher education rates. But that really says more abou those states than whether marriage and higher education correlate. Washington, D.C., for example, has the highest higher education rate and the lowest marriage rate. 

Still, it’s fun to see how states compare. View a larger version here

Data source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey

Another View of La Liga Stats

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Here’s another look at discipline in the Spanish La Liga soccer league, this time focusing on team-by-team totals. 

This bubble chart represents yellow card totals by club: 

With Many Eyes, you can toggle the view to show red card stats by team (bubbles are sized based on the proportion of all red cards, so don’t compare the two charts together): 

Comparing Lebron’s Career vs. 2011 Finals Performance

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One of the key story lines in this year’s NBA finals has been the play of Miami Heat superstar Lebron James, whose sluggish performance has fans and reporters scratching their heads. 

This interactive bubble chart compares James’ per-game statistics by career, playoffs and this year’s finals. Clearly he’s underperforming by almost every common metric, scoring fewer points, getting to the free-throw line less often and making a lower percentage of his field-goal and three-point shots. 

Is the Dallas Mavericks defense that good, or is something else going on? Explore for yourself

Source: | Data | Made with Many Eyes