DC vs. Austin Weather: Part 2

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Back in May I compared the weather in my former town, Austin, Texas, to my current home, Washington, DC. Now that I’ve lived through a summer here, I’ve revisited the topic with two simple line charts.

This first chart shows monthly averages. As you can see, Austin experienced 100-degree average high temperatures in July and August (with little rain), setting the stage for the destructive wild fires spreading around the city

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Here’s a day-by-day comparison: 

View larger, interactive version

Data source: Weather Underground | Download: Days | Months

Rick Perry: Fundraiser

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Now that Texas Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, is officially in the presidential race, reporters are noting his campaign fundraising prowess as a possible strength that could propel him to the GOP nomination: 

But it is a credential Mr. Perry is unlikely to highlight that could make him the most formidable entrant in the Republican race so far: he is among the top political fund-raisers in the country, with a vast network of wealthy supporters eager to bankroll his presidential ambitions, and he has the potential to energize Republican donors who have shown only limited enthusiasm for the candidates already in the race.

Indeed, Perry has raised more than $100 million in his decade-long tenure as governor, including $39 million in the his 2010 re-election effort, according to electronic campaign reports in Texas.

Here are his fundraising totals by year: 

And a breakdown of how much he’s raised from individual donors versus entities, such as law firms and political action committees: 

Nine in 10 dollars collected by Perry came from Texas donors, but he has raised money from every state (darker shades represent higher dollar amounts): 

Here’s a map that visualizes totals donated per household in each state. You can see that Colorado, Delaware and Washington, D.C., gave at higher proportions than other states (except for Texas, of course): 

Finally, here’s a word cloud that highlights the most common donor occupations listed by Perry’s campaigns over the years, eliminating the phrase “Best Efforts.” The latter phrase is required in state law if a campaign can’t identify a donor’s occupation. (The Perry team has done that quite a bit over the years). 

Download data: CSV

Drug Deaths In England

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From the Guardian’s Data Blog

The death of Amy Winehouse, widely reported as due to a suspected drug overdose, has drawn attention to drug misuse across the country. How bad are the figures? 

This Google Fusion Tables map, posted by James Ball and Simon Rogers, shows drug poisoning per 100,000 population, with darker shades representing higher rates:

This stack graph, made with the Google’s Chart Tools API, shows misuse over time (view interactive version): 

Download the data

Charting DC 311 Calls

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The D.C. government fielded nearly 430,000 service requests via 311 last year, according to records available in the city’s open data directory.

Residents asked to have potholes filled, snow and ice removed and defective parking meters repaired, among more than 100 other request categories

These simple charts, made with Google’s image chart tools, show when and where residents made those requests:

Calls By Weekday

Calls By Month

Calls By Month

* Ward 2’s figures are inflated by more than 100,000 requests to repair or disable parking meters. This could be because these neighborhoods have the highest population density in town, or because there’s heavy construction that requires meters to be turned off temporarily, or some other factor. 

Calls By Hour

Each requested is geocoded with latitude and longitude, so look for some maps soon…

Texas: 70% Republican?

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A colleague today asked for a spreadsheet copy of the Tribune’s Directory, which has biographical, political and official details about 242 elected officials in Texas (statewide, Legislature, high courts, congress, etc). Turns out only 70 of them are Democrats, whose ranks were thinned considerably after the Republican wave in November:



Dallas Cowboys History

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Let’s face it: This is a dreadful season for Dallas Cowboys fans. Romo went down, Uncle Wade got fired and the future remains uncertain. Still, historically speaking, the season hasn’t been that bad.

These interactive line charts, made with the Google Visualization API, track the team’s win-loss record since 1960, broken down by home and road games. You’ll notice that eight other seasons have been worse (1960, 1961, 1963, 1988, 1989, 2000, 2001, 2002). 

I’ve also created sortable table, which has ranking columns for all seasons by home and away games. Go Cowboys. 

Source: NFL | Data: CSV