How Did This Year’s Oscar Ratings, Length Compare?

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This year’s Academy Awards presentation seemed to drag on forever, but it wasn’t actually that long compared to past shows. The event last lasted 194 minutes, which is slightly longer than the average since the mid-1980s (183 minutes), but relatively short compared to the four-hour-plus show in 2002: 

About 39.3 million people tuned in for the show, a four-percent increase over the 2011. The best ratings since the mid-1980s came in 1998, when Titanic won best picture: 

Larger, interactive charts: Length, Viewers

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Visualizing 2010 Movie Sales

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This scatter plot shows how major Hollywood movies performed in 2010. The x-axis, from left to right, shows more money spent to make each movie. The y-axis, from bottom to top, shows more gross sales for each movie. I’ve filtered out movies that were below the median for budget and sales: about $20 million.

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Romantic Comedy Cash

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I generally loathe* romantic comedy films, but plenty of others love them, apparently. They represent only about five percent of the market share in Hollywood (dramas lead with 20 percent), but Romcoms this year have grossed more than $360 million, according to The Numbers, a site that tracks all things Hollywood.

This bubble chart shows the top grossing films in 2011 as of last week (click for an interactive version). ‘Just Go With It’ leads — for now: 

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* Full disclosure: The wifey and I saw ‘Friends with Benefits’ today. Not bad.