Tsunami Debris Coming?

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I noticed this animated map — apparently first published in the spring — while watching CNN today. It shows how debris from the Japan tsunami is expected to migrate across the Pacific Ocean to U.S. shores over the next few years: 

Year two: 

In four years, it could hit Hawaii: 

Can’t wait to learn how they built this. Check it out

The World of Newspapers

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We all know that newspapers are struggling to maintain circulation, and some in the United States have intentionally reduced their distribution in an effort to cut costs and focus on local subscribers (who often are most valued by local advertisers). 

A user on the data visualization service Many Eyes recently created a treemap to display the circulation figures by country and newspaper. Japan and China have the largest newspapers, dwarfing American giants like USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. The leader is Yomiuri Shimbun in Tokyo, with a whopping 14 million subscribers. 

Check out the viz