Visualizing Foursquare, Pt. 2

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This morning I posted a quick map illustrating my 1,100 check-ins on Foursquare during the last two years. I made it using TillMill, an open-source application for creating interactive map tiles.

This version was made in OpenHeatMap (larger symbols represent more check-ins). Clearly my Foursquare usage increased after I moved from Austin to DC last year: 

Thanks to Pete Warden, who created the tool. He helped me structure my field headers so the application would recognize the geo data for each check-in. Documentation here.


Mapping U.S. Aid Overseas

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The U.S. has doled out more than $400 billion in economic and military assistance to other counties since 1946, according to this table on 

Top recipients: Israel ($34 billion), Iraq ($33 billion), Egypt ($30 billion), Afghanistan ($15 billion), India ($15 billion), Russia ($14 billion), Pakistan ($14 billion), Colombia ($9 billion), Vietnam ($8 billion), United Kingdom ($7 billion).

Here’s the data on a world map

View larger version | Made with OpenHeatMap

Mapping Oil/Gas Drilling in PA

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Scott Detrow and I mapped drilling for NPR’s StateImpactPA site:

First, while 32 counties host gas wells, the bulk of activity is still taking place in a handful of drilling-heavy counties. More than 60 percent of the 739 wells drilled between January and June were located in the five busiest counties — Bradford, Tioga, Washington, Susquehanna, and Greene. Bradford and Tioga Counties alone are responsible for nearly 40 percent of 2011 drilling activity. Here’s a proportional symbols map of wells drilled:

U.S. Open Venues

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The U.S. Open golf championship has been held at 50 of the nation’s elite courses since it began in 1895, including this week at Congressional Country Club in Maryland. But those courses are in only 17 states. 

This map shows the frequency, by state, using proportional symbols:

New York and Pennsylvania have hosted the most tournaments (18 and 13, respectively). Rhode Island and Georgia are at the bottom of the list, with each getting one event: 

View larger maps | Download data | Made with OpenHeatMap