Wimbeldon Winners By Country

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Andy Murray could become the first British man to win Wimbeldon since 1936 when he faces six-time champion Roger Federer on Sunday.

While the British haven’t earned a trophy in a while, they dominated the competition in its early years. This dashboard, created by Stephen McDaniel, visualizes how players from other countries have fared. Change the charts and map by filtering for gender, place and decade:

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How Many Points Will Alabama And LSU Score Tonight?

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In previewing tonight’s national championship game between LSU and Alabama, USA Today reports that a high-scoring contest isn’t expected: 

LSU and Alabama combined for just 15 points in their November matchup that saw neither team reach the end zone.

The anticipated defensive struggle Monday night will contrast with the Rose, Fiesta and Orange Bowl which totaled 83, 79 and 103 points, respectively. In fact, in those three games there were more points in eight of the 12 quarters than the previous November matchup between the Tigers and Crimson Tide.

But how have these teams scored in previous matchups? Since 1902, the Tigers and the Crimson Tide have faced off 74 times, with an average combined score of about 32 points — twice the total from this season’s earlier game.

This histogram shows the number of games in 10-point increments. Twenty games have resulted in 40 or more points (see larger version): 

There have been some low-scoring games over the years, but also some real shootouts. In 2007, for example, the matchup resulted in 75 points, with LSU winning 41-34. This line chart shows the trend over time (see larger version): 

We’ll see what happens tonight.

Data source: Sports-Reference.com

Charting ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Discharges Over Time

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The military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy ended today, eliminating a practice that led to more than 13,000 service member discharges since 1993. Its enforcement has been in decline since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, according to unofficial stats from Wikipedia

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Comparing National Obesity

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I just noticed this cool tool by Alex Perez on Data.gov that maps and charts American obesity by county. His interactive uses proportional symbols and colors to visualizes differences between, with larger bubble and darker reds representing increased obesity rates. Here’s Louisiana:


Selecting a county (or, in this case, a parish) highlights its corresponding distribution on scatter plots that compare the proportion of residents who smoke, or eat few vegetables, or don’t exercise. 

As you can see, Moorehouse Parish has a high obesity rate, in part because its residents aren’t lives that are as healthy as others: 

Data.gov has posted other interactives like this in its developer showcase

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English Premier League Wins, Goals

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Today’s match between Manchester United and Chelsea could well decide who wins the English Premier League title this season. Of course, both teams are comfortable in this position, having dominated the league in the last two decades along with two other elite clubs: Arsenal and Liverpool.

This column chart shows that dominance, both in wins (470 for Manchester United and 383 for Chelsea) and goals (1,445 and 1,214, respectively) since 1992.



View interactive versions: wins, goals

Source: Barclays Premier League | Data: XML

Taxes in Context

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A cool new tool for analyzing federal income tax burdens over time from Remapping Debate:

… [U]sers will be able to make a host of observations. Two that we’ve noted: the halving of the tax burden from 1945 to 2011 for a married couple with taxable income (in 2010 dollars) of $1,000,000 saves that couple more than $340,000 over the tax bill that they would have had to pay back in 1945. A similar percentage reduction in tax burden for a married couple with taxable income (in 2010 dollars) of $30,000 saves that working class couple only about $3,350 over the 1945 bill.

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March Madness Viz

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A Tableau Public viz by Ross Perez:

The premise is simple. In the view below, you can see each teams offensive and defensive field goal percentages on the axes, and the winning percentage as the size of the dot. So, teams with a large dot in top right quadrant are dominant, offensive teams who are also strong defensively.

Click the image to play with the interactive version.